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[October 10, 2017] The Final Countdown!
We would have written this email in a clever play on that song's lyrics, but has anyone ever paid attention to any of the lyrics apart from that chorus? Not us!

Here we are in mid-October, sharpening our pencils for Seneca7 registration which will be all-paper entries this year. No, no it won't be. That would be a nightmare and we'd surely get carpal tunnel (which would prevent us from accurately directing you up and over the *snowplow* on the course)!

There is a lot of information contained here. It describes the where/when/how of registration for the event. If you are interested in pre-registering, in biking, in being in Geneva for the race on April 29, 2018 at all, please read this email thoroughly and completely. It's long, but it's important.

Please pay close attention to the true account of this year's registration process--it has changed.

This race is founded on four principles: (a) appreciation of the natural beauty of Seneca Lake and the cities and towns on her shores; (b) commitment to the agencies and organizations that enhance the health and well-being of the residents of the Finger Lakes; (c) ecological stewardship of the water, air, and land that we love; and (d) providing a safe, fun (and apparently urological*) adventure.

Each of the past three years, the race registration has been a source of angst, stress, and near-mental-breakdown for many who want desperately to get in, but whose repeated clicking of the submit button has not resulted in successful entry to the rapidly sold-out race.

Truly there is no completely democratic and fair way to register 1,000 teams for 300 slots. The "luck of the click," if you will, has been the most level playing field we could provide. But this year we have been overwhelmed by emails from teams begging to the point of self-embarrassment to get into this race. We've been offered bribes large and small, yet we have stared down temptation and said "no" to every one of those offers (shenanigans get you nowhere with Jackie (who is an Ethics Professor)).

When Do I Sign Up?
We started thinking, "if people want into this race *that badly*, maybe there's a way to parlay that desire into something great for the community." So, in the spirit of community giving, we present The Seven Days of Seneca7 Sign-Ups:

Beginning October 25th and continuing for 5 days, we will offer 20 guaranteed pre-entry spots at a premium rate, with all proceeds donated to charity. How much you pay is (almost) entirely in your hands. We will begin by offering the spots at $1700 each on October 25th. If there are any remaining at the end of the day, we will offer them according to the following schedule until all 20 are gone:

October 25th: $1,700 each
October 26th: $1,600 each
October 27th: $1,500 each
October 28th: $1,400 each
October 29th: $1,300 each

It is possible that all 20 will be claimed on the 25th, but we'll update you via email, facebook, and twitter while you calculate your chances about how long you want to wait and how much the reduction of stress and improvement to community is worth to you.

On October 30th, pre-registration for bike teams will open. Just like last year, these teams are *required* to bike on race day and must sign (electronically) a contract that makes clear that you are foregoing the use of any motorized team vehicle and will abide by all of the posted rules pertaining to cycling safety on the course. No teams who register on October 30th will be allowed to switch to non-biking teams, so weed out your fair-weather friends, because you have to bike even if it's snowing. Unlike previous years, we will not accept bike team registrations after October 30th. There is a simple reason for this: bike team behavior on the course has proven to be a safety issue and jeopardizes the entire event. Bike teams who decide to cycle at the last minute have been even more likely to disregard critical safety instructions. So, the cycling option is only for teams seriously committed to safe bike operation and will commit to such as part of the bike team contract.

On October 31st, all teams who aren't biking and didn't participate in the charity pre-registration process that are interested in participating in the 2018 Seneca7 will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis through a revamped online registration program.

Also new this year, if the race sells out before you make your deposit, the system will automatically add you to the wait list in the order of your attempted entry. This means you do not have to send a separate email requesting to be added.

How Do I Sign Up?

Charity PreRegistration
You will make a deposit of $100 via credit card at sign up. You will then have until December 1st to mail a check for the remainder. This gives you time to fundraise/have a yard sale/post a sketchy ad on Craigslist to collect the balance. You will receive an acknowledgement letter from our charity partners for your donation (total cost - the $527.77 entry fee).

All Other Registrations (Bike Pre-Registration and Open Registration)
All that will be required for successful entry is contact information and a valid credit card. Teams will make a $100 non-refundable deposit for their spot and will then have one week to complete the registration process at their leisure. Once the deposit charge is confirmed, you are *in*! Also new this year, the balance of your registration will be paid by check (something that people have requested for a long time) thereby foregoing additional credit card processing fees or charges that raise eyebrows with your bank's fraud department. If your payment of the balance is not postmarked by November 7, 2017, your spot will be released to another team.


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