Frequently Asked Questions

Please help me

Can my team have fewer than 7 runners?
We're sorry, but no. We require that each team have exactly 7 runners to ensure the fairness of the race and to increase the safety for all participants.

What happens if one of my teammates can't make it? Can we still race?
Your team has until the Wednesday before the race to submit a complete roster and sign the online waivers. After that date you cannot make any further substitutions. Make sure you have seven reliable runners who can remain healthy and injury-free during those four days!

Does everyone have to be present at the start of the race?
Yes, your entire team needs to be at The Smith Opera House (downtown Geneva) for check-in prior to your start wave. Your first runner then proceeds to the start line, the second runner boards the shuttle bus, and all remaining runners get ready to depart via bikes or your team's vehicle.

Isn't it going to be congested at the first few exchange points?
It's going to be congested everywhere. But we're going to alleviate the crunch at the beginning of the race by staging shuttle buses to serve the first two exchange points. Please read the shuttle instructions for more details.

If our team is riding bikes, do we have to follow the shuttle instructions?
No - you get to stop at every exchange point. Only teams with a motorized vehicle need to follow the shuttle instructions for the first few exchange points.

Are substitutions allowed during the race if someone gets sick or injured?
Yes, but only for medical reasons. If a teammate cannot complete a given leg, another member of the team is allowed to jump in and complete that leg. The injured runner is no longer eligible to participate in subsequent legs. Any teammate is allowed to fill in for the injured runner, but the pre-designated rotation for all subsequent legs must continue to be followed.

Why 77.7 miles?
Curiously, that's how far it is around Seneca Lake! And it does lend a certain luckiness to the proceedings.