Here's the skinny. Each team includes 7 members, and each member runs three legs over the course of the day. The race starts in downtown Geneva, NY and concludes in Geneva's Lakefront Park by nightfall - teams have until 7:57pm to make the final exchange point at the north end of Seneca Lake. A staggered start allows your team to begin with similarly-paced teams (and not overwhelm the exchange points).

During their leg, each member of the team must carry a slap bracelet, which must be worn across the finish line to receive an official time. The first teammate runs legs 1, 8, and 15; the second runs legs 2, 9, and 16; and so forth. Each leg is between two and five miles long, with varying terrain and difficulty. Teams are responsible for logging arrival times at each exchange point (via smartphone or tablet) during the race in order to receive a finisher medal. (The complete rules can be found here.)

Runner 1 legs 1, 8, 15 3.8mi + 3.3mi + 3.7mi = 10.8mi
Runner 2 legs 2, 9, 16 2.7mi + 2.7mi + 4.0mi = 9.4mi
Runner 3 legs 3, 10, 17 4.9mi + 4.7mi + 2.6mi = 12.2mi
Runner 4 legs 4, 11, 18 2.2mi + 3.5mi + 3.3mi = 9.0mi
Runner 5 legs 5, 12, 19 4.8mi + 6.1mi + 2.6mi = 13.5mi
Runner 6 legs 6, 13, 20 4.6mi + 4.9mi + 2.5mi = 12.0mi
Runner 7 legs 7, 14, 21 4.1mi + 3.1mi + 3.6mi = 10.8mi

Each team must have a way to transport the non-running members from exchange point to exchange point. Start line shuttle instructions describe the procedure for transporting runners from the start to the first two exchange points - this is required for all teams using motorized vehicles. Special gift baskets will be given to teams utilizing creative and environmentally-friendly methods of transportation. Be green!


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