Prior to registering for the Seneca7, please ensure that your team is able to comply with the following operating procedures. These are essential for providing a safe and enjoyable event for all participants. Non-compliant teams will not be allowed to start the race.


  1. All team members must sign the race waivers online before April 24.
  2. At least one team member must attend the pre-race briefing and packet pickup on Saturday, April 27. There is no raceday packet pickup.
  3. Your team must log arrival times at each exchange point via your smartphone during the race. You will be provided a webpage to record times (see your team link), which will feed the live race tracking on this website during the day. Teams will not receive a finisher medal until all exchange point times are logged.
  4. Your team is allowed at most one motorized team vehicle, which must fit within a normal parking space (9' wide x 18' long). This means NO motorhomes, limos, tour buses, etc.
  5. Vehicles (motorized or otherwise) must follow traffic laws (i.e. obey the speed limit, stay in the right lane, wear seatbelts, use your wipers and headlights if conditions warrant).

Team Pace

All race logistics depend on our ability to predict the timing of the day. Your team is responsible for accurately predicting your raceday pace (initially specified during registration, but able to be adjusted up until the specified deadline). If your team deviates from your predicted pace by more than 10%, you may be detained on-course and you are not guaranteed on-course support, a final time, or eligibility for awards.

Two exchange points will serve as checkpoints, ensuring that your predicted pace aligns with your raceday pace. If you reach Glenora before the designated time (9:55 AM), your team will be directed to a waiting lot and your runner will be held until that time. Similarly, teams reaching Sampson State Park after the designated cut-off time (6:30 PM) will not be allowed to continue.

The last exchange point serves as the final checkpoint. Your team must reach Bottomless by 7:57 PM to ensure completion of the race before dark.


You may substitute teammates online (via your team link) until April 24. After this date, no substitutions will be allowed. You must start the race with 7 runners. Please make sure you have dependable teammates!


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