LEG 8 (runner 1)       3.3 miles (down, down, then up, up)  
Start: Glenora Winery
Finish: Magnus Ridge Winery
This leg takes you past the Glenora Falls. At 90 feet high, this horsetail waterfall will be hard to miss, unless you are completely distracted by the steep hill you're about to climb!
Directions (runner)
Exit the Glenora parking lot onto N. Glenora Road, cross over the railroad tracks, and follow the road as it bends to the right. Check out the waterfall to your right and then climb your way back to Route 14 where a left turn will have you on your way to Magnus Ridge.
Directions (vehicle)
Exit the Glenora parking lot and turn left onto Route 14. Follow it south to Magnus Ridge Winery on your right. Sorry, no waterfall viewing for you!