LEG 10 (runner 3)       4.7 miles (big descent)  
Start: Lakewood Vineyards
Finish: Clute Park (Watkins Glen)
Water is not the only natural resource in abundance along this course. Seneca Lake also sits upon one of the largest deposits of underground salt. Two salt refineries drill into over 2,000 vertical feet of salt.
Directions (runner)
Continue south on Route 14. Turn left onto Reading Road, right onto Salt Point Road, and left back onto Route 14 into the Village of Watkins Glen. Turn left and follow the footpath into the marina. Exit the marina's main entrance onto N. Decatur Street, then take a left onto E. 2nd Street, a right onto N. Porter Street, a left onto 3rd Street, a right onto N. Perry Street, and left onto E. 4th Street. Go straight until you reach the exchange point in Clute Park.
Directions (vehicle)
Head south on Route 14. As you enter the Village of Watkins Glen, take a left onto Route 414 (E. 4th Street). Follow Route 414 to Clute Park (on the left) where you'll celebrate reaching the southernmost point on the course!